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Goji: Helping Labs Win New Customers

Spring 2018


Project Brief

In collaboration with Mika Gu, Jiao Jiao Song, Shen Lu, Ross Rybalov.


Process & Deliverables

A project where I worked in an interdisciplinary team to discover and solution for the target user of our choosing.  I was responsible for much of the visual design aspects of our pieces, doing an in-depth competitive analysis, as well as conducting user research/testing. In addition to gaining more experience in the human-centered design process, I also learned about value-creation in the service sector. 

Our idea, Goji, is a digital service that helps young parents better understand their childrens’ lab results and fluently communicate with pediatricians. To labs like MyQuest and LabCorp, Goji is a platform where they can gain new customers and differentiate their services from other labs.